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Plastic injection mold design features of the slider

Slider is a plastic mold to complete the side core pulling an important part, it is mainly connected with the forming core, with the angle pin lead for core pulling.

Under normal circumstances, it is core to form with the lateral side of the slide core, called the modular side of the slider. In the side of the core is simple and easy processing of cases, can also side slider and side core made ​​of one, called the integral side of the slider.

Slant-hole slider for cooperation with the bevel pillar, in line with the same time to make single 0. 5MM the gap, so the moment there is mold in a small space travel, the slide core is not tic and activities before the mandatory plastic extrusion die or punch, and to lock the block from the first slider, and then the pumping cell. Slider structure, depending on the mold side core pulling force structure and size of the decision.

With generally slide the slider and guide, to enable a smooth slide-led core for core pulling and accurate, must be fixed template template or guide chute opened, the slider and the guide chute to be a good match and lead slip in the slide after the completion of the action, still remain in the guide chute, the stay in the lead trough the length of the slider block length should not be less than 2 / 3, guide chute structure there are two commonly used species, rectangular-shaped guide dovetail guide chute and chute.

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