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DP Technology releases Esprit Mold v10

Hanking Plasticis now shipping its Esprit Mold v10 mould software.

Esprit Mold v10 uses multi-core processors (CPU) for substantially faster processing speeds.

 It runs on Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Vista operating systems.
22 five-axis machining strategies have been added to the existing five-axis functionalities within Esprit Mold, which means greater machining flexibility and improved cycle times.

The Freeform five-axis composite machining cycle allows users to independently define machining patterns and tool orientation strategies to be used for creating simultaneous five-axis toolpaths, and includes 20 different machining strategies (cycles) in one - resulting in a wide range of easily manageable possibilities.

The composite machining cycle gives users the ability to perform simultaneous five-axis machining for a wide variety of different parts and industries - including the aerospace, medical and automotive sectors - with one simple user interface.plastic mould manufacturer in China
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A cycle developed specifically for machining impellers has been built into Esprit Mold v10, ensuring a programming process that is both simple and user-friendly.

This cycle includes a roughing strategy that optimises the creation of the toolpath based on the current stock, and forms a strategy for finishing the hub.

These two strategies support machining the main blade, as well as splitter blades.

Among the enhancements designed to streamline the programming process is the capability to use separate stock allowances for vertical walls and floors, in addition to the option to set a different stock allowance for a given zone (surface or group of surfaces) of the workpiece.

All machining cycles, including those for five-axis operations, now incorporate full collision detection during toolpath calculation for not only the tool, but also the tool shank and tool holder - a feature that guarantees collision-free toolpaths.

An existing Esprit Mold file can now be used as a machining template for a new job, which allows for a dramatic reduction in programming time.

Users can now drag and drop existing Esprit Mold files into the active workspace of Esprit Mold.

The machining process of the imported file will be added to the new file, providing users with the ability to regenerate existing machining cycles onto new part geometry - meaning substantial time savings.

Users now also have the means to view simulation at any point on the toolpath.

This enables the user to make a quick inspection, with no need to simulate preceding areas.

The full performance of multi-core (dual-core, quad-core or more) is now realised in Esprit Mold v10, which results in an up to 14five per cent processing increase for each core added (1 to 2, 2 to 4, etc.).

Streamlining the transition from design to machining, Esprit Mold v10 features an improved CAD reader for Pro/E, UG, CatiaV4, CatiaVfive, Step, ACIS, Inventor and Parasolid, maximising CAD-to-CAM reliability.

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