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Multi-color multi-component injection molding of several forms

multicolor processing technologies can be broadly divided into the following form:
double injection, two types of raw materials while injection into the mold cavity. The technology is usually based on pre-injection rate and geometry of the cavity to determine the material distribution and two kinds of raw materials in the mold point. When using this method requires injection presses with very high accuracy and excellent repeatability of each cycle. Some flexibility over the technology used for the injection occasions, such as processing for raw materials hampered by poor liquidity, or the component parts function as a key consideration in the processing of the object.
Composite molding, composite molding processing principle is to use the same nozzle into the mold the two kinds of raw materials.
Typically, the first into the outer material and inner package material was included. According to product requirements, the outer flow channel can be used with a closed structural design. This method is usually used for processing two different ingredients in the product portfolio of products. Under normal circumstances, taking into account the cost factor, low-cost raw materials can be used as the inner or outer product. More complex for PET preform injection molding, shell products and automotive parts and other products processing. To PET preform processing, for example, through the use of composite plastic, can enhance the product to light and oxygen permeability of the barrier.
Multi-injection, multiple injection generally divided into the following forms:
mobile injection, when the completion of pre-injection, the mold and the slide kept closed state, injection presses nozzle still in the mold cavity space into the second part of the raw materials until the completion of The second part of the injection and cooling, mold open, take out a full part. Typically, with a slide mold does not require a large template. Due to the injection molding process does not change the original process that are used for simple geometric shapes of components, such as: seals, lids and closures.
Translocation injection, the technology are used for parts or products to the shape of the second part of the injection molding process to change the situation. Using this injection technique can greatly improve product design freedom, so often used in automotive wheel adjustment, toothbrushes and disposable razors and other processing.
Displacement injection, namely the use of mechanical hand to pre-injection position of the workpiece and then move to the second injection, thus giving the first and second injection molding maximum freedom. The technology transfer for the Mexican co-axial, process of injection molding and toothbrushes and other processing areas.
Dial injection, that is, moving half-mold can be rotated, only half-mold part will be the impact of product geometry, so you can use this technology to achieve a good design idea unilateral. As the technology allows for synchronization of injection molding, so commonly used in savings in case processing cycle. The technology is applicable to drinking cup, handle, lid and seals and other processing.Total 0 comments [ comment ] [Email to a friend ] [print text ] [Add Favorite]Next: New Technology Injection Molding - Injection Molding Transfer Molding
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