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Two-color plastic injection molding process

 Two-color or process color plastic injection molding products is the same raw materials were mixed into two different colors prepared by the two same structure, same size, plastics injection molding machine were two colors melt, and then injected through a nozzle molding die within. Molded plastic products with color separation, and blending, or is irregular pattern, and its effect is the appearance of ordinary injection molding and surface modification are not received. Two different specifications melt plastics injection molding machine nozzle injection completed by alternating from the plasticizing cylinder and the nozzle control valve is between the process control. This two-color injection molding machine structure, plastics injection, two plastics injection unit to the same time, with the feeding quantity, the same pressure, with the injection rate to two different colors, melt through the nozzle with a rotating mandrel injected into the molding mold , the way, can be obtained by injection of different patterns on products . The same two sets of specifications, the structure forms the same equipment and plastics injection mold device is composed. This structure follows the working methods of injection molding machine. Plastics injection unit also completed two after the first injection, two sets of the same structure forming mold around the center axis 180 for, and then the second injection unit by two different colors melt into the molding die within. With this completed in two different colors melt into the same molding die within the movement, get two-color injection molding products . 

Two-color injection molding products, process characteristics are as follows. 
(1) two-color injection molding machine by the two structures, exactly the same specifications as plastics injection device group. Nozzle according to production needs should have a special structure, or with transposition of the structure can rotate two sets of identical shape mold . Plastics injection, require two sets of plastics injection device in the melt temperature, injection pressure, injection melt feeding quantity and other parameters the same two sets of devices to minimize fluctuations in the difference between the process parameters. 
(2) two-color injection molding plastic products, plastic injection molding with the ordinary product comparisons, when the melt injection temperature and injection pressure have a higher value of the parameter. Main reason is two-color injection molding mold flow longer, more complex structure, a larger injection melt flow resistance. 
(3) two-color injection molding plastic products to choose good thermal stability, low melt viscosity of the raw materials, in order to avoid the high melt temperature, residence time in a long flow path and decomposition. Application more plastic is polyolefin resin material such as polystyrene and ABS.

(4)color plastic products, injection molding, in order to melt two different colors can be good in the molding in the mold of welding, to ensure injection products, molding quality, should be a higher melt temperature, higher mold temperature, the higher the injection pressure and injection rate.

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