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Guide to Finding Used Machinery and Tools

Increase production and save money by investing in pre-owned equipment
No matter what your business construction, manufacturing, finance, medical you need the right equipment to succeed. But it doesn't have to be new. Pre-owned machines and tools can perform top-notch jobs for a low price. Buying used machinery also lets you try out certain brands or manufacturers without making a substantial investment.
Used machinery and tools can help your business:
Save money on start-up and expansion costs.
Increase productivity, business assets and net worth.
Provide additional tax benefits.
Action Steps
The best contacts and resources to help you get it done

Pre-owned machines don't have to be
You can find new or nearly mint condition equipment from bankruptcies, repossessions, plant liquidations, and over-stocked inventory.
I recommend: Industrial lists more than 500 clearing-house machines in multiple categories.
Check out auctions for additional savings
Many sellers place machinery in online or live auctions where equipment often sells at a fraction of the original price. You usually must buy 'as is', but in most cases you can either inspect the machine or ask questions about usage and what repairs, if any, are necessary.
I recommend: Go to Bid On for online auctions. lists live auctions across the country. also offers used equipment for sale from independent sellers.
Buy straight from the dealer
Find bargains by contacting individual machinery dealers. Before you buy, ask for referrals from other used equipment buyers. Request references and check them out. Also visit the dealers' Web sites.
I recommend: At you can find national dealers by company name or state location.
Let sellers help you find what you need
You can post what specific used equipment you're seeking on many online sites. This can expedite your search efforts and encourage bidding competition between sellers, which can increase your savings.
I recommend: At you can post free wanted ads for sellers around the world, or specify a country.

Tips & Tactics
Helpful advice for making the most of this Guide
•  Not ready to buy? You can lease or rent certain used equipment. This can further reduce costs and often you can purchase the machinery later at a still competitive price.

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