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2011 Precision Tooling Technology Symposium

August 31, 2011, "2011 Precision Tooling Technology Seminar" will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre. CIMES sister and the first exhibition - "South China International Machine Tool Exhibition 2011" jointly organized the seminar, from "Die Engineering" magazine, Beijing, Reed Exhibitions Ltd (Reed Exhibitions) organized an extraordinary international media limited Company, Shanghai Kun Hao Advertising Media Co., Ltd., China Mould Information Network co-hosted the meeting co-organized by China National Machine Tool Corporation.
As we all know, the Chinese economy has gradually stabilized in 2010, changing the mold for manufacturing industry growth, a key support industrial restructuring is undoubtedly one of the important pillars. With the rapid development of China's mold industry, the total mold industry in China has entered the list of the mold-producing countries, 2010 sales of 110 billion yuan mold, home to Japan, the United States after the third. Die exports $ 2,196,000,000, an increase of 19.15% over 2009 to achieve 134 million surplus. Mould Import remained close to 20 billion dollars, which indicates that our overall competitive mold, general level of precision manufacturing development of the manufacturing sector has been the most worthy of attention and communication hot spots, but also state, "second five" key development high-tech industries. To do this, "Die Engineering" magazine jointly held Reed Exhibitions, the "2011 Precision Tooling Technology Seminar", the purpose is to invite the mold of the upper and downstream industry chain enterprises, to discuss the new situation in southern China Precision Mould industry how to improve technology, upgrade human resources, to achieve the strategic adjustment of industry, thus contributing to the precision manufacturing industry in China.
 South China is the most developed areas in China die, die output of the first has been living in the country, especially in mobile phones, computers and other electronics driven by precision manufacturing industries, precision mold has been rapid development. However, due to a long period of South China Mould industry's most low-end, in 2008 the global economic crisis has brought the mold industry in South China has a huge influence, however, after the storms, will see the rainbow South precision die mold industry, especially after the crisis faced by the industry's technology era upgrades, strategic adjustment and talent pool is even more critical. This is the seminar organized by the mind!
 Meeting highlights: discussed with industry experts precision mold industry developments. More people know the industry and establish industry contacts for future development of enterprises pave the way to do better. In the all round view of the exchange, to achieve sublimation of the participants thought more and more about the industry and understanding.
  Purpose of the meeting: to enhance industrial upgrading, promote the development of the industry expanding the brand awareness; allow more people to more detailed understanding of your company's products, develop potential customers; further explore how to promote the development of the industry while creating economic and social benefits ; invited to the meeting guests: Members from various trade associations and leadership; from well-known enterprises, general manager of the mold; chief engineer; professors from scientific research institutions and senior experts.
  Conference themes: China Precision Mould Industry Development and Problems of the; how to reduce mold production costs, improve production efficiency; South mold industry of the future path of development; CAD / CAM / CAE integration technology in precision mold application; rapid prototyping and rapid tooling production technology; gas-assisted injection molding and high-pressure injection molding process the mold development; advanced equipment in the industry, the application of precision molds; advanced testing equipment in the application of high-grade mold; the request of the green economy The mold industry development; hot runner technology applications.
  "2011 Precision mold processing technology seminar" South China will be machine tools, dies, plastic processing enterprises to create high-end technology and management are the best platform wisdom of the collision.
    Owns four advertising media company, three magazines, seven extraordinary professional and comprehensive site, the international media to "spread the service, to guide" for development purposes, with a wide range of industry information resources, social resources and professional services team "2011 Precision mold processing technology seminar" will use an extraordinary 10 years, the international media to build the 100,000 professional data resources for those interested in exploring the field of precision molds warriors to find a way forward! This seminar will enable China to tap the potential of precision mold competitive strategies to achieve the depth!
    "2011 Precision mold processing technology seminar" worth the wait! Welcome to cooperate!

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