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New C-FIT technology from Momexx

Momexx (Mould Making Experts) has launched new C-FIT controlled injection moulding technology that it claims cuts energy consumption by reducing heating and part stress. The technology also saves 10-60% in cycle time and 10-50% in material consumption by producing thinner parts with lower melt viscosity, adds the firm.

CEO Marco de Bruin says C-FIT means manufacturers can produce mouldings on machines with a lower clamping force, or increase productivity by doubling of the number of mould cavities.

De Bruin has not provided precise details on how C-FIT works but revealed that it involves a compression technique within the tool that monitors and controls flow, communicating data with the injection moulding machine. There is a 20% premium price for moulds with C-FIT technology but de Bruin says the cost is soon amortised. Alternatively, C-FIT moulds may be leased for a fee.

Momexx has installed C-FIT on a new 150-tonne injection machine that has been supplied to the company by Stork, as well as on a 10-year old machine. However, De Bruin says C-FIT moulds can be mounted on standard moulding machines, as long as they are not more than 10-15 years old.

Momexx already has contracts with several multinational companies to supply C-FIT moulds.

The company demonstrated moulding of a packaging tray for mussels. By using C-FIT, part weight and cycle time were reduced by 30%, while clamping force was cut by 50%. The same reduction of part weight, cycle time and clamping force was achieved when moulding a 0.4mm PET container.

The highest cycle time and clamping force reduction - 60% - was achieved when moulding a PPSU high heat food container.

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