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Guide to Saving Money on Industrial Goods and Services

Increasing business profit margins by decreasing spending on industrial goods and services
Saving money on industrial goods and services is a high priority for most fiscally fit business owners. Todays entrepreneurs are not only looking for innovative ways to generate more revenue to increase profit margins, but the majority are also much more aware of their budget and decreasing spending in every feasible manner.

Regardless of the type of business you own or operate, you will most likely need to invest in certain industrial goods and services at some point in order to keep your company functioning properly and running smoothly.

1. Consider saving money on industrial goods and services, particularly larger equipment and heavy machinery, by purchasing slightly used items instead of buying everything brand new.

2. Buy the supplies you will have to replenish often at wholesale prices and in bulk quantities for the steepest discounts.

3. Think about upgrading or potentially downgrading some of your equipment as a means for saving money on industrial goods and services by increasing your energy-efficiency.

Action Steps
The best contacts and resources to help you get it done

Start saving money on industrial goods and services at auctions
Depending on your specific industry, slightly used equipment is often just as effective as brand new without the high price tag. An auction is usually a more reliable resale solution for industrial goods and services than your local flea markets. There are also many great discounters available online if you are not keen on the idea of bidding on your supplies and are interested in more warranty and service options.
I recommend: Government Liquidation has a huge selection of industrial equipment and heavy machinery, as well as a wide variety of other potentially valuable items available for auction with incredibly low reserves most of the time. If you are looking for a good discount retailer, Global Industrial offers everything from food service supplies to office furniture. They have service plans and warranties available as well.
Plan on saving money on industrial goods and services with bulk discounts
Consider buying the supplies you must continuously replace from a wholesaler or bulk discount club to find some steep discounts. You may benefit most if you negotiate a loyalty discount agreement with one particular vendor. Many suppliers will offer discounts to loyal repeat customers.
I recommend: Sam's Club has reasonable prices and caters to smaller businesses. Memberships are inexpensive, and business members enjoy special perks such as the store opening earlier exclusively for them to shop before the crowds hit. They sell some industrial supplies, such as tools, equipment and utility trailers. Wholesale Industrial Supplies offers a customer loyalty discount program.
Begin saving money on industrial goods and services by going green
Remember to look at all the angles when examining your budget. If you initially spend more money on an energy-efficient machine for your business, but it ends up saving you more in yearly energy costs than you could have saved in total by purchasing a less expensive piece of equipment in the first year alone, then you have probably made a very wise investment. Even simple upgrades to your existing equipment to increase energy-efficiency could mean big savings at the end of the year, especially when you consider the tax incentives.

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